Trust< Team


Vitor Jesus

Vitor Jesus is a Lecturer with Birmingham City University, School of Computing, He holds a BSc in Physics, a MSc and PhD in Computer Science and Networks and industry certifications in Cyber Security and Data Privacy. He has 20 years of professional experience, split between Industry and Academia. He holds or has held positions with different companies, from start-ups to large and well-known organisations. He has authored a number of papers, has been in the review panel of several conferences, was a visiting scholar in different institutions, such as Carnegie Mellon University, and has worked in a number of international projects. He is also a contributing member of the Internet-of-Things Security Foundation, the Kantara Initiative or the SPRITE+ network. His current research and teaching interests are in CyberSecurity and Privacy. We live in a world where CyberSecurity is becoming a basic need just like physical safety is; or its absence can bring down a business, a community or a country. We are also moving towards a world where there is no Privacy by default and everyone's Identity and Data will eventually be stolen. Vitor's research aims at bringing control back to users by looking at technologies and solutions, such as Blockchains, Secure Networks or Artificial Intelligence, whether it is in Cars, the Internet, Medical devices, Enterprises, Factories or Cities.

Mark Josephs

Mark Josephs has been working in the UK Higher Education sector for over 30 years, most notably, starting his career as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, spending 17 years at London South Bank University (where he was promoted to professor in 1998) and taking up a professorial appointment at Birmingham City University in 2015; he has supervised master’s and doctoral students at all three institutions. Since 2009, he has taught various Information Security modules on postgraduate courses at LSBU, University of Warwick, University College London and BCU, and served as an external adviser on this subject to the Open University and the University of Wolverhampton. His professional engagements include regular participation in Cyber Leadership Forums at the invitation of the Information Assurance Advisory Council, a guest lecture on Software Security at a meeting of the Information Risk Management and Assurance specialist group of the British Computer Society and a masterclass on Quantitative Information Security Risk Assessment at the annual congress of the Chartered Institute of Information Security.

Leo Wang

Dr YongHao Leo Wang is a Senior Lecturer in the DMT Lab of School of Computing and Digital Technology at Birmingham City University. He holds a BEng in Automation, MSc in System Design and PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. He has 15+ years of experiences in various IT industry and higher education with 30+ academic publications covering different disciplines from DSP to Computer networking. He is an active member of various international standardisation bodies. His recent research interests include digital signal processing, computer system, multimedia network distribution, and information security.

Antonio Nehme

Antonio Nehme holds a BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the Lebanese American University and a PhD in Cyber Security from Birmingham City University. His research focuses on identity management and access control, security of microservices-based applications, auditing and secure collaborations in distributed systems, Blockchain and IoT. Dr Nehme was involved in the digital transformation project of the Lebanese government services, as well as the Big Data Corridor Project. One project that he is working on, Secure Auditing, enables a distributed organisation to generate non-repudiable audit trails, which has wide ranging applications from e-commerce to digital government. He is currently a Research Assistant at Birmingham City University, supporting the development of the deliverables of the project “Isolation and resilience in networks of autonomous vehicles”. His research interests include access control and online consents, auditing and non-repudiation, data privacy and security, cloud security, risk management, digital forensics, Blockchain and IoT.

Xiaohu Zhou

Xiaohu Zhou is a PhD student and is working in Secure Health Data Sharing at Birmingham City University. She was a previously IT lecturer at Guilin Medical University in China, hosted and joint several medical informatics projects. She was awarded a master of science degree on Web Technology at University of Southampton, a honours BSc in Business Information Technology at Birmingham City University in UK, and a bachelor of engineering on Computer Science and Technology at Guilin University of Technology in China. Her research interests are in Blockchains, Healthcare Information Systems and Data sharing and security. Xiaohu’s research includes security, trust, and data privacy particularly in health applications.

Shweta Mustare

Shweta Mustare is a recent graduate of Birmingham City University with a Master's in Advanced Computer Science. Her passions align with easing daily life with technological advancements. She has worked on projects like Home automation, Profile generation with web scraping and social media APIs, Private Data Security with a fair exchange protocol, etc. She has also worked on an academic published paper by TrustBus 2019. She believes communication and teamwork are the most integral principles of a project.

Shankar Ammai

Shankar is currently pursueing his PhD in the areas of Identity with a special focus on new Identity paradigms based on distributed ledgers.

Ali Al Khalifa

Ali has a degree in Business Administration with a minor in International Relations from Eckerd College in St. Pete, Florida, USA, and a MSc degree in Project Management from the University of Salford, Manchester, with a dissertation in Turism projects in Bahrein. Ali is currently pursuing a PhD in the School of Business on how to apply Blockchain Systems into Supply chain and Finance.

Jahid Ali

Jahid is currently pursuing a BSc Cyber Security and is a lead in project BASIEM whichs is looking at how to detect and protect cyber security attacks in Building Automation Systems. Jahid has interests in Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure and the wider Internet-of-Things. Cyber Security for IoT is becoming paramount as it is now pervading our lives and it raising new dangers.

Muhammad Waqas

M Waqas is currently a MSc Cyber Security student and will soon start a PhD in topics of access control and data protection in IoT environments. He has 8 years of experience in software development in number of local government authorities and leading digital agencies in the UK and Canada. The work involved designing and development of mobile phone applications, CRM system design and implementation, VOIP and various back end applications. He is expert in number of programming languages and frameworks. He is currently working on the implementation of digital consent which the users give to IoT devices.


Moojan Pordelkhaki

Moojan Pordelkhaki is currently a PhD student at Birmingham City University. She received her MSc in CyberSecurity from Birmingham City University. She was awarded her BSc. in Electronics Engineering from Central Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran. Moojan has 15 years of professional experience in industrial automation. Her research interests include Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems and Industrial Internet of Things as well as the application of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security. Moojan is an associate member of The Institute of Engineering and Technology, Student member of IEEE and The Chartered Institute of Information Security Professionals. Her research interests are in Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Industrial Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence applications in Cybersecurity.